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This is the story of a girl who has accepted Christ into her life, but for whatever reasons, has decided that her way is better than God's way. Despite her rejection of God, God continues to look after her---hence the idea of guardian angels following and protecting her wherever she goes. Ultimately, God is in control of her life and will always be there to remind her of His faithfulness. - Ian

the story

Could be she got lost
Or maybe, she just watched
A little too much TV
It's hard to say, but anyway,
It's plain to see

And so she goes on
Like a drifting satellite
But tonight

Angels hold her hands
When she walks in the dark
Angels hold her hands
When she's falling apart

God could keep His own half-acre
She'd move on
And make another way of her own
And now she feels
She's gained the wheel
But never control

And so she fades out
Like a missing satellite
But tonight

Repeat chorus

And wherever she goes
Angels follow

Angels hold her hands
When she walks in the dark
Angels hold her hands
When she walks away
When she's falling apart

The real story behind "Angels" (as told by songwriter Ian Eskelin)
I live in downtown Nashville, right near a popular dance club. Every night as I head home, I pass by this club and bump into lots of interesting people. The song "Angels" is written about a girl that I met one night coming out of the club. We had run into each other out on the street and struck up a conversation---just shooting the breeze. Eventually our more superficial discussion turned to a spiritual discussion about Christianity and our relationships with God. I told her that I was a Christian, and talked to her about the things God was doing in my life, through All Star United, etc. This girl admitted that she had accepted Christ as her Savior at one point in her life, but was now at a place where God just wasn't a priority. It was obvious from our discussion that she was more concerned about the pursuit of her earthly desires than anything else. She had put God on the back burner and was unsuccessfully trying to fill that void in her life with a lot of vacant pursuits. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. The verses of "Angels" tell this girl's story (or rather my interpretation of her story). Even though she's wandering, I know that God is watching over her, and has sent guardian angels to protect her every step. She's like the lost lamb that Christ leaves the flock to go and find. Although it's hard to know the will of God, my prayer is that she'll be lead back to a real relationship with Jesus Christ. The chorus of the song talks about how God has a plan for her life, and will hold her hand every step of the way, at the best and worst times, until His will is accomplished.