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Sometimes the things that we hate the most are the things we desire to do the most. Even though we know that something is wrong, our sinful nature screams out to do it anyway. This song deals with the struggle to do the right thing. No matter what the temptation, God always provides a way out! - Ian

It's excruciating
I know you need to know where we stand
Is there harm in waiting?
Is this my only chance to take your hand?

I'm torn in two
By what I should
Or should not do
Torn, torn in two
Will you wait for me
If I run from you

I really must confess
It feels like there's a war in me
I'm drawn to those who offer less
But is this really where I need to be?

Repeat chorus

Over this I'm losing rest
I can't bear to turn away
If I try to second guess
Oh, I gamble it away
I'm torn

Repeat chorus

I'm torn
I'm torn
I'm torn