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beautiful thing

There are lots of things I'd like to have in life. I'd like a voice like Pavarotti's. I'd like to date a cover girl model. When I look at the big picture, however, my desires for these things pale in comparison with Christ. Christ stands alone as the only truly beautiful and desirable "thing." - Ian

I want a Pavarotti voice
'Cause I'm a scary Connick
A solo show with the Philharmonic
No fake Monet
Hey, the real Van Gogh
A Seventeen, Cover Girl, Vogue, Cosmo

It's a beautiful thing / Whoo-hoo-hoo
To be loved by you / Whoo-hoo-hoo
Oh, that'll be enough to get me through
It's a beautiful thing

I'll take the Rockies gift-wrapped
Or the Grand Tetons
Add a truckload of those cherry bon-bons
A '54 fire red collector's car
A doggy-bag trip to the money super bar

Repeat chorus

There's no trade
Nothing could persuade
I'm no fool
You're so beautiful
Yeah, so beautiful