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international anthems for the human race lyrics

1. Welcome To Our Big Rock Show (1:48)

Five guys take a ride
Drive a day and half a night
Get to see some pretty scenery
But if that's all there is to this
This band would split right down the seams
Southbound, static on the radio
We left town
But where we're goin' I don't know
Somewhere we're gonna play
another show
Quick get off and gas up at the Conoco

We're driving
We drive against the grain
Like postmen in the rain

Welcome to our big rock show
Wind us up and watch this puppy go
Hope you heard a single word we said
One little rock to rattle in your head

Hey kid, pit mosh
Please avoid the flashpot
Yeah, it's really funny 'til an eyebrow
gets singed off
Your mother's got nothing here to fear or dread
Our abrasive is gentle on a baby's skin head
Don't forget the spandex
This mix is sounding like a bad train wreck
It takes some spit and grit and sweat
To give you more than you expect

We're driven
To give you what we know
Like postmen through the show

Got a cryptic coder
On the microphone
Find the secret message
Burried in our big rock show


2. Popular Americans (4:05)

From New York city to the Golden Gate
The Great Lakes to the Rio Grande
There's a hip new feeling
That we're awfully appealing
To the universal common man

So get in line
If you'd like to shake our hands

We're the ones
We're the popular Americans
Oooh yeah, back on the scene

We've come to pledge allegiance
At the altar of convenience
In our wide-leg baggy jeans
And we've pinned our passions
On the tale end of fashion
Now we're as sexy as our shaving cream

When in doubt
We consult our magazines

We're the ones
We're the popular Americans
Oooh yeah, back on the scene
Having fun
We're the popular Americans
Oooh yeah, bet you wish you were me
I bet you wish you were me, yeah
Don't you wish you were me, yeah
Baby, back on the scene

When you're so prestigious
It makes you half-religious
In a patriotic sort of way
Our money says we trust
But you know it's only just
A party slogan we were taught to say


3. International Anthem (3:05)

Listen in to this
I'm transcending English
Something's bigger
Than the national hymn
If you're thick, too thin
Green, blue or pinkish
Hum together with a cellophane skin

A holy karaoke
Prayer in stereo

Here it comes
Here's to You
An international anthem is overdue
Here's to You

To the kings and queens
And all the President's men
It doesn't matter if you're strong
King Kong
Lose the things between yourself and Heaven
And then, when you're ready,
you can hum along

Our holy karaoke
Prayer in stereo

From down to here below
In gratitude
From Coco to Moscow
We hope You're pleased
With these rhyme schemes
And musical score
Like never before


4. Thank You, Goodnight (3:45)

O Lord, it's embarrassing
I have been a cause for concern
"Hallelujah" all the angels sing
When castaways choose to return

And so before this sun sets
I will rest with no regrets
I'm ending with a phrase

Thank You, goodnight
At the end of the day
You've taken me somewhere
Thank you, goodnight
All the love that You gave
Has taken me somewhere good

Gone is my eloquence
Apologies come easy for some
With a Saviour, this is making sense
I'm sotty for the things I've become
And so before I lay down
I'm making my rebound
By ending with a phrase

Tonight I'm crawling
Back from the fallen
Like a desperate stray
To where I was before I fell away


5. If We Were Lovers (3:28)

Let's take a walk into the sky
Conversing with the stars to fathom why
They're not afraid to burn
To lose themselves while turning into light

If we were lovers
Like we were meant to be
Open arms, broken hearts
All the world to see
If we were lovers
Loving like we say
Oh the ghosts of doubt
Would crash and burn away
If we were lovers

The obvious
Will be implied
From the simple implications of our lives
If we don't get it right
I guess they're gonna wait a long,
long time

An extraordinary love
Offers heal for hurt and kind for cruelty
Words are not enough
Revolution might begin with you and me

If we were lovers
If we were lovers
If we were lovers
If we were lovers
If we were lovers
Then we would love


6. Worldwide Socialites Unite (3:26)

At the top of the social ladder I speak
Let me welcome you here officially
To the back drop of martini clatter
Break the ice with superficial chatter
I'm glad to be this year's MC
To greet the chic and the elite
Yeah, you finally get to mix and mingle
Pressing flesh until your fingers tingle

Worldwide socialites unite
OK, alright

The band is grander than I recall
The talk is cultured, if a little small
Keep parading your charading manners
Keep pretending that it really matters
Don't ask, don't tell
And please don't stare at the emperor
In his underwear
Special thanks to the snack committee
Heavens, don't those tarts look pretty

Worldwide socialites unite
Enjoy the conversation
But try to keep it light
Just avoid the friction
And if you feel conviction
Well then, baby, step outside
Let's keep the "lite" in social
Let's keep the social light
Let's keep the "lite" in socialite

Worldwide socialites unite
Avoid the dreaded question
The meaning of our lives
And as to God's existence
Well, that's your private business
And, quite frankly, impolite
Let's keep the "lite" in social
Let's keep this social light
Let's keep the "lite" in socialite


7. I Need You Now (5:41)

When worlds collide
Then drift away
I will cling to the pieces
The ones that point at the way to go
More than anything I want You to know

So here I am
Cold and afraid
I'm not the kind to cry "Jesus"
Or put my heart on parade, but oh
There are four words I want you to know

I need You now
More than ever, Lord
Give me truth over mystery
'Cause when You're around
The uncertainties
Seem to fade into history

Now that You've heard
My empty heartache's lament
I'm praying now that You'll be breaking through
This heavy shell of cement, and oh
More than anything I want You to know

I'm crying out
I'm pushing through
I'm trading fear and doubts for truth
and absolutes
Was lost, then found
These things I never knew
Without You


8. Theme From Summer (4:17)

I wrote this song today
Pool side at Flamingo Bay
Underneath the coconut trees
This sun-baked symphony
A little ditty with a melody
Drifted to me on a summer breeze

If strange, change in the weather
Makes your mood sway
Remember every word I say

Love, baby, love
This is my theme from summer
Winter, spring and fall
Love, baby, love
In July, August or December
Any time at all

It's never simple, dear
To be in summer cheer
Underneath your Gortex and furs
If your colors fade in the wash
Of the sleet and snow in Osh Kosh
Just keep it cool in all temperatures

If strange, change in the weather
Makes your mood swing
Repeat this chorus that I sing

Touché, you've hit me with a powerful tune
You shake the pettiness of my croon
When skies are grey
Try this cliché


9. Everything Will Be Alright (3:19)

To everyone I could not meet
I'll spell it out in lyrics simple and neat
To all of you who never knew this until now

It's flowing in fountains
And I'm counting on moving mountains

'Cause I know when You're near me
Everything will be alright
And I'm sure when You're close by
Everything will be alright

So if you wish to help yourself
Cry out "Jesus" with a capital "Help"
Tell your fear "disappear and fade away"

You get me through, that's what You do
You lit me up I'm burning like
Lightning up in the sky
Even if the sun refuses to shine
And stars played hidaway
That's alright, that's OK

To everyone I could not meet
I know it sounds a little sugary sweet
But how can I even try not to explain


10. Superstar (3:44)

Wistful for disco
We get a little misty remembering Menudo
And all those old pros
The Bay City Rollers and Pinky Tuscadero

It must be our breeding
Call us like cattle, we come stampeding
To the new romantics
Everybody wants a love titanic
And Tiger Beat keeps us on cue

It's true
We were born to worship someone
It's true, I do

Yeah, yeah, You
You are my superstar
And they know who You are
You're never fading
Yeah, You
You are the only One by far
Because You are never changing

Jacksons, Osmonds
Got digested by the cult that caused them
Abba, Poison
Oh how the mighty, the mighty have fallen

Though You fell out of fashion
And You never made the cover
Of a rag like Hit Parader
I could never love another
When I tasted the bread
And when I tasted of the wine
I went blind to everything but how
You shine

You are my Superstar
You are my Superstar
You are my Superstar
You are my Superstar


11. Put You Arms Around Me (4:40)

I heard it from a friend
Who heard it from another
She said she liked the way
I smiled at You in Monterey

I have more hights than lows
And we could add them up
But we'd be running out of fingers and toes
Oh well, on good days
That's usually the way it goes

But tonight I'm so lonely
Just put you arms around me
And tell me that you love me so much
I'm tired of seeking slowly
Lately I've been crazy
Maybe I'm just getting out of touch
Now I'm holding on
'Till the night is gone

I'm an average guy
But people like to have their heroes
I'm seldom nervous
Dry or shy
And usually it always shows

Until this feeling goes away
Until I get the needed dose
Until You put Your arms around
And hold me close

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