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my interview

me - how did you get your name?
Ian of ASU - "Christian's?" his mother gave it to him when he was born...
Christian of ASU - my parents gave me my name, actually, theres a nice long article about it in michigan's newspaper... oh, you mean "all star united"... the band? ok... well..
Ian - we each had a list of 500 names and that was the only one that wasnt really bad...and reunion records didn't really like all star united so we gave them another choice, we said well if you dont like that one then we'll be happy to go with "the tigers"... they didnt like "the tigers" so they let us go with "all star united". it has no like hugely , huge meaning or anything, you can make up a meaning for it if you have to...
me - oh yeah, like "its really deep and spiritual..."
Ian - yeah...
Dave of ASU - if you look really hard in revalation...

me - how and where did you guys (asu) form?
Christian - we were all living in nashville except for dave clo who was in miami, and we just kinda met eachother from all different musical backgrounds ya know? nashville is kinda a weird place...
Patrick of ASU - nashvilles like everyone in the town is musicians so we just met, decided to form all star united and know we're a huge successfull rockgroup...
Ian - wait a sec... we are?
Patrick - the fax came in this morning.
Dave - we all used to play for whiteheart @ different times.
Christian - yeah, we came from different bands, a few of us had played together, ian used to have a solo carrer...

me - ok... what style would you classify your music as?
Christian - "Americana Pop"
Dave - ya know, early on we were getting tagged as a "british pop" thing but, listen to it, we don't intentionally try to sound like anyting in particular, we just try and make pop songs, ya know? something 'clever', something 'cute' something 'fun'.
me - what are some of the best things about being in a band?
Ian - i'd have to say...
Dave - nintendo!
Ian - nintendos good, let me see, traveling around the world, and umm, i'm gonna go with... "Taco Bell"
Christian - traveling is quite facinating, we've been to england recently, the netherlands, turkey, australia, new zealand, in a couple of weeks we're gonna go back to england and play some shows in denmark as well...
Patrick - *breaks out in "entertaining angels..."*
Dave - i've got two words for that, brotherhood and fellowship.
everyone - awwwwwww
me - thats sweet.
Christian - those are the things that you like?
me - i'm touched :)
Patrick - thats cute, alright dave you don't talk anymore, whats the next question?
Christian - thats good, we're all like eachothers best friends sometimes, ocasionally, it is nice if you're traveling with best friends, ya know? ya get to go to new places and see exciting things with them...
Patrick - it is pretty exciting...

me - what about the worst?
Ian - the worst things? traveling with friends...
Christian - patrick, taco bell, fast food...
Patrick - vans.
Christian - not enough sleep... alot of times like, we drive 11 hours to get here ya know...
Ian - no we didnt...
Christian - and we only had like 4 hours of sleep over the past like 8 days...
Patrick - we got in like 7 this morning, the sun was coming up and we had to load in @ like 10 but we didnt, we got here @ like noon so we got some sleep...
christina (my sister) - didn't you sleep in the van?
Ian - we drove through a hail storm and then a fog storm i guess it was...
Dave - lastnight was unreal...
Patrick - so it was like a mission to get here its pretty clear.
Christian - we stopped on the freeway under an overpass 'cause it was so bad.
Dave - did you say a fog storm?
Christian - yes...
me - it was awful, fog was everywhere!
Christian - he also said hail storm... and damnation, thats what we went through.
Patrick - and fire!

me - what are your favorite songs off the cd?
Christian - new or old?
me - both.
Ian - off the first cd, i like tracks 1 through 10 and theres hidden track "Vitamins" i like alot to.
Christian - i don't know, i'm a bit tired of that first record.
Ian - i like em all @ different times but ya know what, we've played so many shows, we've done 100s and 100s of shows off the last record so we played the songs so much we can do em in our sleep, but we're really ecxited about the new record, it comes out dec. 31st, we basically, we havent really begun playing alot of new songs, we did play a couple @ atlanta fest and some other festivals, we didn't do one today here @ creation though, its pretty awesome though, we've got 10 or 11 songs written for the new one, thats pretty cool... lets see, theres a song called "Superstar" which is really cool. theres a song called "If we were lovers".
Christian - thats one of my favorites.
me - maybe you could explain that one alittle bit when you're done?
Patrick - i like that one and another one that we're not giving you the title yet because it's not completely sure about the title. "tonight" is gonna be in the title somewhere...
Ian - "Tonight... i'm holding on"
Patrick - "i'm holding on", thats probably gonna be the name of it...
Dave - "popular americans"
Christian - thats another one of my favorites.
Ian - "theme from summer" is good.
Christian - "thank you goodnight" is pretty good.
Ian - oh yeah, you wanted me to explain "if we were lovers right"?
me - yeah... could ya?
Christian - its just what ya think.
Patrick - if we were lovers and we could run off into the sunset and go to vegas and get married.
Dave - nooooo
Christian - no, we would never write anything like that...
Patrick - you're right, it would totally be atlantic city! ... its about, if we were lovers instead of fighters like michael jackson and paul mccartney
Christian - adrian what do you think?
Adrian of ASU - ...
Patrick - ya know how michael jackson was always a lover and not a fighter in that song 'say say say' or 'the girl is mine', thats exactly what we mean :)
Dave - why don't ya give em a line from it ian? hows the chorus go?
Ian - if we were lovers like we were meant to be, open armed, broken hearts for all the world to see, if we were lovers, loving like we say, then the ghosts of doubt would crash and burn away, if we were lovers.
Christian - its not talking about a couple, its obviously talking about us as christians, if we were lovers like God intended us to be, people ingeneral.. ya know, alot of times were petty, were judgemental, ya know?
Patrick - bottom line is, its a great song.
Ian - its a very nice song, good ditty.
Dave - did you know that my dad invented the question mark?
me - really? ok.. next question :-) what are your favorite bible verses?

Christian - ya know, we get asked to write them on t-hirts alot and when we sign things they say write your favorite verse, but i think it changes so often, ya know? @ least it does for me... i'm gonna say the dead sea scrolls.
Ian - i'm gonna go with first Peter 5 verse 6 and 7
Patrick - man you got it memorized good!
Ian - i like that one
Christian - mine is in Proverbs, first Proverbs i think its like 13:3 or something like that, i know where it is, but i don't know how to tell you how to get to it.
Patrick - i'm more of a man's man, like rock hudson, i like the entire chapter if Isaih 45, the whole thing is really great, and Numbers 2:9 is really good to.
Ian - dave?
Dave - John 10:10
Christian - did he say rin tin tin?
Ian - john tesh tesh?
Christian - adrian?
Adrian - Romans!
Dave - Romans 8:28... from the silence, ya hear "ROMANS!"
Christian - no adrian, not who are your heroes?

me - who are some of your favorite bands?
Patrick - individualy we like different bands, i think together corperately, we listen to alot of 'supergrass', 'dogies', 'space', 'space hog', 'space man', 'space invaders'...
Ian - we never listen to this stuff ourselves, only corperately.
Patrick - 'pulp', 'suade', theres also alot of christian bands that are doing alot of good stuff.
Christian - yeah, we're good friends with fold zandura, third day, 7 day jesus, alot of great bands out there...
Patrick - 'pulp', 'suade', 'duran, duran'...
Christian - 80's 'duran, duran', not 90's 'duran, duran', theres some great bands in the christian music industry...
Patrick - 'pulp', 'suade', 'the smiths',
Ian - 'newsboys'
Patrick - 'the cure'...
Dave - ian's solo carrer.
Christian - eric champion...

me - who are some of the people that have had an influence on you musically?
Christian - oh theres so many, you just want one? joesph cocker has had an impression on patrick's life...
Ian - i think dave's dad for inventing the question mark...
Christian - and we have that lyric of course, "The question isnt whether its true, the question is it working for you?"
Ian - and without that how can we possibly end?
Christian - how would we know what a question was if it wasnt for dave's fathers?
Ian - fathers?
Dave - yeah, my 2 dads!
Patrick - all of the great rock stars have had an influence on us
Christian - yeah, michael jackson influenced us...
Patrick - michael jackson, there was an artist named tredeana back in the day had a cd called livin' it up, that had a big impact on my life...
me - ok, i don't get it but i'll trust ya on this one and type it anyhoo...
Patrick - yeah, put it down anyway...
Christian - that was a good one!

me - ok, tell me about "La La Land"...
Christian - your site? its wonderful!
me - no... but thanx :-) the song i mean...
Christian - the song? ok, do you wanna handle that one ian? i thkn your the lyrical genious on that one.
Ian - im the lyricalist?
Christian - we've never really listened to the lyrics so why dont you tell us
Ian - now heres the deal, the fact is...
everyone in asu - 10,000 years ago... *laughing*
Ian - sorry man!
Dave - you ready to get this party started?... ask him why did he write it!
Ian - alright, being a christian is not about what God can do for you, its about what you can do for God, what you can do to serve God and be a christian, its not about the blessings that you will receive, its not about all the things you can get by praying, its not about that, and people who beleive that are people who are living in their own spiritual 'la la land' and ya know, we definately don't encourage that.
Christian - we run into it alot but we don't encourage it.

me - ok... beautiful thing.. explain?
christina - thats pretty self-explanatory
Christian - yeah...
Ian - there are alot of things in my life, and i talk about in the verses, ya know, it would be nice to have a really good voice like harry conic jr., even though its not gonna happen for me, that'd be nice but theres more things in life i'd actually like to have but i would never trade any of those things for a relationship with Christ.

me - what are some of your goals as a band?
Patrick - total world domination!
Christian - yeah!
Dave - we dropped that one...
Patrick - oh yeah we don't yet but we're hopeing to take over the world... seriously though, to play for our piers, love God, eat pizza, and loose weight.
Christian - loose weight?
Dave - thats the newest one
Christian - to love God, to show other people that its cool , its a good thing to have a relationship with the Lord, encourage christians, and to travel and play music. i mean its like ya know we do what we do because God's allowed us to do it, its what we wanna do, we wanna play music ya know? as long as we remember to put Him first and tell other people about Him, He's gonna bless us.

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