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:::Breaking All Star United News:::

--- "SMASH HITS" TO RELEASE IN LATE SPRING 2000!! Ladies and gentleman----as a reward for your patience and understanding while awaiting a new album, Essential Records has graciously agreed to release a "Best Of" album, called "Smash Hits" to whet your appetites. This album features the best material off the bands first two records (All Star United & International Anthems For The Human Race), demo versions of early All Star favorites, a remix of "Saviour Of My Universe," and TWO BRAND NEW ALL STAR TUNES!!!! We don’t have an EXACT release date yet, but we’ll let you know ASAP!!! This will be a true collector’s item for die-hard All Star fans and an AWESOME gift idea for someone who’s never heard the band. We’ll let you know as SOON as we get more specifics!

--- EUROPEAN TOUR 2000 UPDATE----Since our announcement last issue we’ve confirmed several European festivals in late June/early July as part of our June 22nd-July 2nd European tour. Be sure and check out the tour schedule below for details. There are still a few dates remaining, but they are going fast. We should have a complete tour schedule for you shortly! If you are a serious promoter or know someone who would be interested in bringing the band to your town for a show, please contact us at and we’ll do our best to squeeze you in! :-) THANKS!!!

--- VOTE FOR GLASTONBURY!! As many of you know, All Star is on the list of artists that you can electronically vote for to play the Glastonbury Festival in the UK. Glastonbury Festival is a HUGE mainstream music festival in England! Bands like Blur, Radiohead, Pulp, Foo Fighters and many more have played it throughout the years. Our buddy Uncle Ron listed ASU as a choice on this year’s voting page. As Delirious? performed at this event last year, we’re hoping to continue the trend by getting other quality Christian rock acts on the bill. In order to be selected, we need everyone to surf over to the website listed below and vote for All Star United! Many of you have already cast your vote for the band, launching them into a list of 20 top-ranked contenders. THANKS for your help! In true political style, let’s rock the vote! All Star United for Glastonbury Festival performer! :-) click here to vote!

--- CONGRATULATIONS TO IAN!! Next time you see All Star singer Ian, be sure and congratulate him on his Dove Award nomination. Ian wrote a few praise and worship songs with longtime friend Barry Blazs for Barry’s latest Code of Ethics album. Turns out, one of the songs they wrote together, "Hallelujah 2000," has been nominated for Rap/Hip Hop/Dance Recorded Song of the Year. Congratulations! Cast your vote!