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the press

ASU's new album is called "International Anthems for the Human Race" It is out worldwide Dec. 29, 98. heres the track listing:

1. Big Rock Show
2. Popular Americans
3. International Anthem
4. Thank you Goodnight (first american single, out in late Nov.)
5. If We were Lovers
6. Worldwide Socilites Unite
7. I need you Now
8. Theme From Summer
9. Superstar
10. Everything Will Be Alright
11. Put your arms around me

the :la la land: news has just been created, an email newsletter for the grooviest band on the planet... go here and sign up... God Bless!!!

the band is hitting the studio this April to write and record a new record. It is currently scheduled for release on December 26th. You will be seeing and hearing a lot more about this in the near future. The band will be performing new material at the summer festivals and throughout the fall.

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