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Well I've got no time to find out what's real, I stick with what I happen to feel...
It feels grand, When you're livin' in lala land... --- "La La Land" (All Star United)


(coming soon to la la land... a tour journal!)

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Welcome to "La La Land!!" A Spiffy little place on the net where you'll find marshmallow skies and custardy pies and that nothing's to hard to do.


You seen the bright red carpet yet? well... it just so happens that ASU recently got done filming a new video for the song 'Bright Red Carpet'... check it out in the new videos section to see it!! Welp.. enjoy this site and send all your feedback to Marcie Sweikert, and if you like this site and you'd like to have one of your own, go here... thanx and God Bless... laters...

see some concert pictures from an all star show in mountainside, NJ!!=see some concert pictures from an all star show in mountainside, NJ!!

heres a live real audio file from GMA week '98

If you think that ASU's Road Crew deserves some credit...
Check out:
:..Cowboy Keith's All Star Corral..:

la la land


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