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my interview

me - what are some things you do in your spare time?
Patrick - rugg beating!
Christian - we play hockey, soccer, snowboarding, whell of fortune...
Ian - we shoot eachother, we're spys and we bungee jump off high things...
Dave - i embezle large sums of money.
Christian - we are on wheel of fortune, what else can we do?
Ian - dave has a laundromat in miami, i make bumper stickers.
Dave - this is all done just inside the van.
Christian - we have a nintendo, we play nintendo quite often in our van...
Ian - patrick cuts hair
Patrick - i'm a cosmotalogist, im a busy dancer as well, i have this night club gig that i have its really fun. but i also cut hair and i have amonkey named steve and we play nintendo... and i'm a snowborder, and i'm a star and i'm gonna be in my own music videos 'cause i'm a producer and i'm gonna produce my own videos...
Christian - patrick spends alot of time in the chat rooms... aol chat rooms
Patrick - ...and then i'm gonna direct my own music videos, and i'm gonna be a big director and i'm gonna meet harrison ford.
Dave - alright!

me - if you werent in a band, what do you think you'd be doing?
Patrick - i know what i'd be doing, can i answer this? i would do the comercials for movies when you go a movie and the movie preview that they're showing comes on...
Christian - can you do the voice over thing patrick?
Patrick - (sound clip is coming soon in here for this part!) "In a world..."
Patrick - and then ya know like harrison ford does something great, thats what i would be or... "In a town"

me - what is a question that nobody has ever asked you before?
Christian - thats actually been asked before... i think it was by you wasnt it?
Patrick - ..."In a World"...
me - me? maybe.. i don't know...
Christian - uhh, in a world where, no, j/k
Ian - it would be 'what is the speeed of an african swallow?'
me - u know the answer?
Ian - african or (fill in the blank with some other kind of bird name i cannot for the life of me spell :)?
me - african.
Ian - i don't know.

me - ok, one more question... what would you wanna say to anyone considering buying your cd?
Christian - do it!
Ian - its good for you... dont think about it
Patrick - dont hesitate, buy 2!
Ian - don't think twice about it... do it!
Patrick - sure and we'd like to tell everybody to buy the new record the day or the first week that is comes out...
christina - can you actually get it the day? wont the stores be closed?
Christian - nope, we made arrangements.
Patrick - because its very important...
Ian - *chanting* december 31st!
Patrick - its all label stuff but if like everyone buys it on that date, it'll be very huge and that way we can come to your town...
Dave - and then we'll make a music video...
Patrick - in fact, go to the music store the night before and wait in line...
Christian - tell them "I'm coming tomorrow morning for the cd!"
Patrick - ok? and call radio stations and request this because we love it when people do that.

me - ok guys thanx very much
Ian - no thank you!
Patrick - thank you marcie you're the best!
me - i can just feel the love! now i get to go walk back uphill to my campsite... woohoo!
Christian - *whispers into the tape recorder* "Thank you very much"

Thanx SO much to Dan (asu's manager) for helpin' me snag this interview... and thanx to all star for enduring the heat @ creation long enough for my interview.. you all rock! God Bless!!

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