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patrick mccallum

Full Name: Patrick "the teen icon" McCallum
I Am The... Keyboardist
E-mail Address:
Born When and Where: I was born in New Mexico on Dec. 19, 1975
First Job: my first job was at a drive-in burger joint called Sonic. I was just a car hop, but a very fashionable one.
Pets?: I have no pets. I am never home. If I had one, it would die.
Hidden Talent: I can play the piano a little.
Annoying Habbit: I litter.
Favorite ASU Concert: My fave concert of ours.....humm.. everyone of our shows are different. Every night is my fave. We play every show like it is our last.
Pet Peeves: MAN! I hate it when people burn popcorn in the microwave. It sounds silly, but it really freaks me out.
Thing You Can't Do To Save Your Life: hmmm...i will get back to you on that one.
Word or Phrase you Most Overuse: ummm... HELP! POLICE! AAARGGHH!!!! HELP! AAGGG! POLICE! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!! AAAGGHHH!!!!!choke choke...AAAGGHH!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHRGH!!!! SOMEBODY CALL THE COPS!!!! I say that way way to much.
First Record You Ever Bought: Yazoo, "Upstairs at Eric's". what a great record
Current Favorite CD: well, it is not a cd, it is a tape. I got it in Ireland. It is called The best of ABBA from Readers Digest. It is an amazing tape. It has "boomarang" Dancing Queen, and "The king has lost his throne"among others. It is simply an epic tape. every song is amazing.
Favorite Food: is kinda hard to find, but some gas stations still have them. You know those wax tubes filled with kool-aid liquid type stuff? I FREAKING LOVE THOSE THINGS! Whenever I find them, I always but all the place has. I like the red ones the best.
Product You'd definately Endorse if Asked: know about wax tubes filled with....., really. ummm...well, Erasure cd's would be a good one. Can I endorse erasure cd's?
Favorite Bible Verse: humm...tuff one. It changes from day to day. I like Is 45. I also like the book of Romans. That was the first book of the bible I ever read.
Favorite Concert of All Time: umm...I went to see Erasure a few months ago.(the cowboy tour) I saw it in 6 different places. It was so amazing. The year befor that I saw Erasure in NY on their "Phantasmagorical Entertainment tour". That was the concert of all concerts. Man, MIND BLOWING! whew! besides erasure, I saw a band called Komeda in cleveland, that was really good, but just a small club show.
Things You Do In Your Spare Time: I play with synthesizers. (man what a good reply, huh? I like me on that question) ok, anyway...
Question NoOne has Ever Asked You Before: well, there are a lot. No one has ever asked me "Say, whats this I hear about you wearing K-SWISS shoes...are you mad?

Final Note: Please tell everyone you can to go buy the new cd THE DAY IT COMES OUT! ... thanks again. God bless. ... forever in blue jeans. ...
xx p a t r i c k

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